Ambien Dosage (Zolpidem Dosage info)

Ambien dosages info

Ambien dosage Zolpidem   

Generic Name: Zolpidem

Medication Class: Sedative-hypnotics (under Central Nervous System depressants)


Ambien Dosage in Adults

Ambien is approved for use in adults and teenagers. It is sometimes given to elders too but the elderly may be sensitive to Ambien. While using Ambien, always try to use the lowest dose (which is an effective dose for the patient; not the lowest Ambien dose there is). The ideal dose for women is 5 mg whereas it is 10 mg for men. Only one pill must be taken per night, that too immediately before an hour of bedtime. The effect of Ambien stays for about 7 to 8 hours while the person can complete his sleep. If the dose that the patient is using is effective, good but if not, the dose can be increased. For example, Ambien 5 mg does not work, so replace it with a higher dose of Ambien 10 mg. No matter what the case may be, in no patient, the daily Ambien dose must exceed the mark of 10 mg.

Also, in some of the patients using Ambien 10 mg, the morning blood levels can become higher and may increase lightheadedness the following day. This can even lead to more accidents while driving or doing activities demanding full attention.

There is a disparity between the initial doses for women & men as women have lower zolpidem clearance. In no gender, long-term Ambien use is recommended as it may lead to abuse or overdose. Zolpidem is a strong sedative for which individuals may develop dependence. The ideal duration for Ambien use is four weeks and an extension of the same must not be done without re-evaluating the patient’s conditions.


Ambien Dosage in Special Populations

The elder and enfeebled population may use Ambien but they can be sensitive to its effects. For patients above the age of 60, the least recommended Ambien dosage is 5 mg which must be administered only once, that too immediately an hour before bedtime. 

Ambien clearance is not as fast in people who have mild to moderate hepatic impairment (liver failure) as in those with no such problem. The ideal dose for this population is also 5 mg, once before bedtime. 

For better results, try to avoid using Ambien for patients with severe hepatic impairment as it may lead to or contribute to encephalopathy. 


Use of Ambien with CNS Depressants

Ambien is subject to interaction with other substances such as CNS depressants. Therefore, the dosage of Ambien must be adjusted while being used along with other CNS depressants as it may increase the addictive effects.  



Always buy Ambien from a licensed pharmacy as there is always a danger of getting counterfeit products from unauthorized pharmacies. Take Ambien with a glass of water preferably. When Ambien is taken immediately after a meal, its effects can decrease.

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